What to do if you are stopped by the police?

October 10, 2023

Keep calm and don’t resist

It is recommended that you not resist arrest or do anything that could be seen as disobedience. It is important to remain calm and try to understand what the charges are against you.

In some countries, you can also tell your family or close friends about your arrest and try to get legal help.

In any case, it is important to follow the instructions of the authorities and not act violently or defiantly, as this can only make the situation worse.

The Arrest Procedure

The arrest procedure varies depending on the jurisdiction and local laws, but generally involves a person being detained by an authority, such as a police officer, when there are reasonable grounds to believe that has committed a crime.

In some cases, an officer may arrest someone without a warrant if he or she has reasonable grounds to believe that person has committed a crime. In other cases, the officer may require an arrest warrant issued by a judge.

Once detained, the person must be informed of the charges against him and his legal rights; If not, he has the right to talk to a criminal defense attorney about a violation of his rights.

In some cases, the person may be released on bond while awaiting trial. If bail is not set or cannot pay, the person will be released. She was taken to jail to await her trial.

A criminal defense attorney can help you in the following ways:

  • Accompany him during police interrogations.
  • Requesting bail for the hearings.
  • Negotiating the sentences and the other aspects of your trial.

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